Herald Shehu


Herald, an esteemed addition to Mid Coast Partners since 2021, brings with him a wealth of expertise amassed over 15 years in public practice accounting. His academic journey culminated in the completion of a Masters of Accounting in 2007, and he achieved the esteemed designation of Chartered Accountant in 2012, further attesting to his commitment to professional excellence.

A specialist in accounting for primary producers within the fishing and farming industries, Herald possesses a nuanced understanding of the unique financial intricacies associated with these sectors.

Herald’s sage advice, encapsulated in his Top Tip – “Always see your accountant before making any major business decision” – underscores his dedication to ensuring informed and strategic financial decision-making for his clients.

Beyond his professional prowess, Herald offers a delightful glimpse into his personal interests. A connoisseur of technology and woodworking, he shares a Fun Fact: “I enjoy tinkering with technology and woodworking. I somehow end up at Bunnings most weekends.”

Engage with Herald to benefit from his seasoned experience, strategic insights, and a personalized touch that extends beyond the professional realm.

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